“Jesus. Jesus. You make the darkness tremble. Jesus Jesus. You silence fear.

Your name is a light that the shadows can’t deny. Your name cannot be overcome.”

Alone in my less than 400 sq. foot studio, I had arranged my few things in such a way that my ballet barre would be usable. There I practiced for hours on a daily basis while listening to worship music much of the time. I had never felt such freedom, in my physical body, than when I danced to worship using the ballet techniques I had learned.

That night, the only light shining was the one on my air purifier. But it was just enough to create the shadow silhouettes of my dancing on the walls and ceiling.

Just as I became aware of that happening, the song “Tremble” by Mosaic started playing.  As the shadows danced on the wall, I found myself mesmerized by the lyrics and depth of meaning coming to life before my eyes. How fascinating, I thought, that my own shadows danced to the rhythm of my worship. Being that my whole point of dancing was for warfare, I felt that the Lord allowed me to see how even the shadows must obey Him and cannot deny He is Lord.


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