Heart of Worship

I can relate to the heart of worship.

It’s like a magnetic pull from the Father. No matter where you go or what you’re doing, there is that cry from deep within calling out to the deep places in Him.
To give in to the heart of worship will ruin you for anything else. Nothing will satisfy or seem worthwhile if it’s not ultimately about Him. Sure, we can at times try to numb ourselves as a result of facing seeming disappointments but ultimately we find the only place of comfort is in Him. Without understanding and in pain, fully knowing the only One who can provide peace in a way that the world never could, is Jesus.

See, the thing is I know God. I know Him. I know Him in a way I cannot deny. All the pains of life and the disappointments and everything that swirls around at times in complete chaos, do not diminish His permanence as the only real thing to me. Those things simply cannot compete with the history I have in Him.
All those things have one goal, to take my eyes off of His faithfulness. Sometimes it comes through crazy circumstances, through insane hardships, other times it comes through temptations and distractions but they come and they come very loudly.

Deep… the deep in me knows the truth, that He is the only way to eternal life (John 14:6).
We shouldn’t find it strange that such a magnificent prize would be calling out so subtly amid the trials and temptations of life. It is a narrow gate after all (Matthew 7:13-14).
This is why it is crucial to pray in advance. When the waves do subside and there are moments to breathe, pray in advance for the trials of the future. Pray to be able to withstand them with a heart that remains loyal to Him.

It can seem that this world is truth and this world is real but if you really stop and think about it, this world is made of dust. This world is made of tiny particles. So fragile. We are made of dust. Our spirits; however, are eternal. Man is at best vapor, as it says in the Word of God (James 4:14, Psalm 144:4). All the days of our lives combined are like a brief puff of air!

It is a great tragedy that so many are blind to the fact that we cannot stop time. We cannot live on this earth, in these mortal bodies forever. Every person and living creature has an expiration date yet the majority spend their lives building sandcastles. You can build the biggest, most grand sandcastle anyone has ever imagined but what is the point if it will inevitably be knocked down and washed away? That is the equivalent of selling your soul for a brief moment of admiration; a brief moment of comfort in order to numb the sounds and questions that are calling out all around. When all along, all of creation testifies of Him (Romans 1:20).

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