God Is Not Like Man

  • One thing I’m realizing is God is not like man.
  • God is NOT like man. He will not change. He will not be one way one day and another way the next. He will never change His mind about me. His love is forever unconditional. Forever faithful King for eternity; that is my beloved.
  • God is not like man. Regardless of what goes on around me or what people do to me whether on purpose or not, the Lord my God is always with me and He is always love.
  • I have learned that the only thing that could keep a Godly relationship afloat would be to be so intertwined with Jesus because no matter how wonderful a person seems or is, there will be things about them that will rub you the wrong way and only unconditional love that comes from cultivating a relationship with unconditional love itself, is what will sustain you.


I am so indescribably thankful that God is not like man. He does not break His promises. He is forever faithful though we are so undeserving. He IS the ultimate eternal faithful husband.

Why do we strive to find Him in so many other things and people? He is right there. He’s been there the whole time. The greatest gift is freely available yet we squander it. We don’t truly appreciate it.

God is not like man. He never will be. He made man to be in His image and our hope is to become even the tiniest fraction like Him. Because even the tiniest fraction of Him is better than all that we are without Him.

Better is one day in Your courts, better is ONE day in Your house than thousands elsewhere.

I would rather live a short life in years but live it with God at the forefront of my mind and heart than live 120 years having myself as my God and never acknowledging Him. Everything is nothing without Jesus and even “heaven” is hell without Him. I don’t want the promised land without Jesus. Nothing will satisfy. There won’t be any peace. There won’t be true joy without Him. Everything is meaningless without Him.

The only thing that remains is love. All that remains is what we did for Him. He said even so much as we’ve done it unto the least of these, we’ve done it unto Him and even so much as we did NOT do it unto the least of these, we did NOT do it unto Him (Matthew 25:34-40). He was talking about feeding the hungry and clothing the naked but He was talking about so much more. Everything means nothing without Him.

Regardless if the mountains shake and the hills are removed, I am standing on the Rock Christ Jesus and I will not be moved. That is my hope. That is my assurance. God is my provider. God is my friend. God is the faithful one who never leaves me nor forsakes me.

God never changes His mind about me. I do not have to keep trying to win His love. He loves me fully and unconditionally and nothing can ever separate me from his love.  Nothing is real except Him.

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