What Does It Mean To Be Brave?

What does it mean to be a “Brave Chick” anyway?  Remembering times that stand out in my mind when I’ve had to be especially brave in my own life and also thinking of the women in my life who’ve been so brave time and time again, I came up with this list. This isn’t, by far, what I think is the all encompassing definition or anything, but rather the first things that came to mind.  Please feel free to add to the list in the comments below and let us know what being brave means to you.

Sometimes being brave means doing it afraid.

Sometimes it means, taking God at His word when absolutely nothing seems to indicate that it will turn out that way.

Sometimes it means getting up and trying again.

Sometimes it means speaking when your voice is shaking.

Sometimes it means speaking up for the defenseless.

Sometimes it means stepping into what you know will open the door to major warfare, in order to stop injustice.

Sometimes it means standing your ground while you’re being attacked from every angle.

Sometimes it means adopting a baby when you’re not married but are determined to help the orphans and widows.

Sometimes it means committing to go on a missions trip when you don’t know how on earth you will physically/financially be able to travel.

Sometimes it means giving a generous offering from money you desperately need yourself.

Sometimes it means facing the diagnosis head on.

Sometimes it means sharing parts of your story that leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable, for the sake of other peoples’ salvation.

Sometimes it means going out and facing the world as a single woman without a spiritual covering.

Sometimes it means remaining pure in a culture that rewards promiscuity and shames purity.

Sometimes it means being the first one in your family to accept Jesus.

Sometimes it means being the only one who stands up for holiness when all your peers are into worldly culture.

Sometimes it means going against your family to serve God anyway.

Sometimes it means forgiving when you’ve been seriously hurt.

Sometimes it means asking to be forgiven.

Sometimes it means letting go and letting God.

Sometimes it means being true to who you are and the gifts God put inside you.

Sometimes it means leaving your homeland, by yourself, to come to the United States to escape persecution.

Sometimes it means staying in a place of great persecution.

Sometimes it means learning to walk again after being in a serious car accident and having steel rods inserted in your back.

Sometimes it means to continue to trust God when you’re in the fire.

Sometimes it means being the only one to dance in worship.

Sometimes it means risking looking like a fool.

Sometimes it means looking at the future without fear and laughing.

Sometimes it means knowing when to walk away.

Sometimes it means opening your heart and trusting again.


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