911 Prayers

Recently I was thinking about how so many prayers of mine and prayer requests from friends, are based on situations, physical needs, etc.

I listened to a sermon from Joyce Meyer. Before I say more, I know some would say women should not preach at all. Some would say she is a false preacher. I would say that her preaching has at times been a lifeline for me, especially in my early years as a believer, when I had no one speaking into my life or encouraging me.  Not having a mother who is Christian and many times not even having a ‘spiritual mom’, Joyce Meyer was that for me.  All I can go by is fruit and her ministry has impacted my life in a major, positive way.  In her recent sermon, she brought up the fact that in the bible it talks about how God is love and if we do not love other people, then we don’t know God. (1 John 4:20)

Then you have to ask, what does it mean to love people? It’s honestly the hardest thing. Because people are what can hurt you the most.

The majority of the prayers I hear are for current emergency type of situations. That seems to be what gets people to remember God – when there is a pressing issue. Also, many prayers I hear are about financial needs, situational needs, relational needs rather than praying for God to increase us in wisdom or for God to reveal what it is we might be doing wrong. How many of us pray to grow in character or in humility? It seems to me that the most desperately needed prayer would be, “Lord teach me how to love people because if I don’t, then I don’t know You and that is not something I can bear.”

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